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Artificial Intelligence


Product Summery

In the business world, the very term artificial intelligence (AI) is shrouded in mystery. For some, it’s the brains behind a robotic apocalypse. For others, it provides hope for a better society with self-driving cars, food security, and medical breakthroughs. But what about for businesses? For most executives , the term “AI” is vague, confusing, and although intriguing, it seems unapproachable.

Artificial Intelligence: An Executive Guide to Make AI Work for Your Business is designed for non-experts—it’s for business teams, business leaders, and executives who never seem to have enough time in the day to learn about the latest technology trends. TinyTechGuides™ are meant to be read in under two hours and focus on the application of technologies in business, government, and educational settings.

This book covers the fundamentals of AI: data, analytic, and automation technologies—from modern data management techniques to chabots, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and computer vision. It discusses the business benefits of AI, the importance of AI ethics, MLOps, and provides real steps on how to start your AI journey.

With real-world examples of businesses applying AI, you’ll learn how to use AI within Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Sales, Research & Development, Supply Chain, IT, Human Resources, and Service and Support. There are practical industry examples across Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, and Transportation & Logistics.

If you want to know how AI can be applied to improve your business, this TinyTechGuide™ is for you! Remember, It’s not the tech that’s tiny, just the book!™